Open Show 1st November 2015

Judge: Mrs F Watson (Durandabell)

BIS: Herd's Quintavia Fairy Dust
RBIS: Telford's Courtmaster Musicman
BPIS: Herd's Quintavia When In Rome
BMPIS: Herd's Quintavia Diamante
BVIS: Hutson's Genavieve Dream Warrior at Stobytill

BIS November 2015
L-R Quintavia Fairy Dust (BIS), Courtmaster Musicman (RBIS)

BPIS November 2015
L-R Quintavia When In Rome (BPIS), Quintavia Diamante(BMPIS)

BVIS November 2015
Genavieve Dream Warrior at Stobytill (BVIS)

Class 1 A/C Minor Puppy Dog
All absent

Class 2 A/C Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Quintavia Diamante
2 Stobytill Shake Ya Booty
3 Freestone Crystal Maze

Class 3 A/C Puppy Dog
1 Manchela Hugo Boss

Class 4 A/C Puppy Bitch
1 Royjoys Chase The Dream
2 Quintavia Ribbonisadancer
3 Reemif Seventh Heaven
4 Amaclassic Back To Bocablue
5 Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill

Class 5 A/C Yearling D/B
1 Shenmore Suniska with Sonham

Class 6 A/C Maiden D/B
1 Royjoys Chase The Dream
2 Tyluly Kissed With A Wish

Class 7 Black, Red or Golden Puppy D/B
No entries

Class 8 Black, Red or Golden Novice D/B
1 Tyluly Ace of Spades
2 Claramand in Disguise at Corbeara

Class 9 Black, Red or Golden Open D/B
1 Molkara Crystal Rose with Silverdust JW ShCM
2 Manacas Ideas For Life at Bocablue

Class 10 A/C Veteran D/B
1 Genavieve Dream Warrior at Stobytill

Class 11 AOC Puppy D/B
1 Quintavia When In Rome
2 Rojoys Chase The Dream
3 Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill
4 Manchela Hugo Boss

Class 12 AOC Novice D/B
1 Troverothway Just A Star
2 Manchela Hugo Boss
3 Lynwater Sundancer

Class 13 AOC Open D/B
1 Sonham Blue Diamond JW
2 Carmelfair Tarrarrah at Stobytill
3 Tyluly Sugar And Spice
4 Rojoy's Little Star

Class 14 A/C Junior D/B
1 Troverothway Just So
2 Shenmore Suniska with Sonham
3 Manchela Hugo Boss

Class 15 A/C Beginner D/B
1 Claramand Beauty in Blonde at Corbeara
2 Danymeade I Was Made For You
3 Lynwater Sundancer

Class 16 A/C Graduate D/B
1 Lujesa Licensed To Thrill for Luthame
2 Shenmore Suniska with Sonham
3 Tyluly Will I Am

Class 17 A/C Post Graduate D/B
1 Reemif Ice Ice Baby
2 Rojoys Take It Easy
3 Rojoy's Little Star

Class 18 A/C Limit D/B
No entries

Class 19 A/C Open Dog
1 Courtmaster Musicman
2 Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck ShCM
3 Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo ShCM

Class 20 A/C Open Bitch
1 Quintavia Fairy Dust
2 Clavaire Azzura at Shannara
3 Rojoy's Take It Easy
4 Stobytill Eliza Dolittle
5 Molkara Vuvuzela ShCM